About us

Tan Phu Sai Gon Joint Stock Company

Established in 2008, Tan Phu Sai Gon Joint Stock Company is specialized in supplying raw plastic resins such as PP, PE, PET, PA, PVC, PC, chemicals, etc. Tan Phu Sai Gon has been involved in plastic production since 2010 with products serving the construction industry, assembling components of warehouse systems, chemicals for domestic market and export.

With modern equipment, together with professional production management, experienced sales staffs, Tan Phu Sai Gon Company brings high quality products, prompt delivery schedule, price To meet the needs and different needs of customers.

The strength of Tan Phu Sai Gon brand is the difference: Specialization in each department, high responsibility and technical supervision to work seriously and carefully to create the finished products. the smallest details. In addition, the departments regularly exchange work, share difficulties and initiatives to build a dynamic Tan Phu Saigon, creative, professional.

With the motto “Together with business – Cooperate and develop” Tan Phu Sai Gon has always made efforts in terms of human and material resources, build prestige brand, trust with customers with our products. provided.